Online Ordering Website for Restaurants


ORDERING - Let your customer choose from your digital menu and order with few clicks. No more commission to online aggregators.

DELIVERY & PICKUP - Offer customers scheduled delivery, on-demand delivery & pick-up. Stay in complete control of areas and charges by area.


ACCEPT PAYMENTS ONLINE - Give convenience to your customers with KNET, VISA and MasterCard.

B2B PURCHASING - Set up a branded page for your business customers to order from with minimum quantities, special pricing, minimum order value, preordering and more.

BECOME REACHABLE - Set up everything from your branch locations, Instagram page, WhatsApp, and phone number for customers to find you and stay in touch.

DATA COLLECTION - Collect valuable data of your customers who engage with website. Maximize your client retention.


LANGUAGE - English & Arabic

TRACKING - Customers can track their orders based on order status as you process their order. This greatly reduces calls and messages asking “where is my order?”.

REPORTING - Dive into data about sales, customers, locations, inventory levels, booking by date, and so much more. If we don’t have it yet, we’ll build it! 

MARKETING - We help you reach more customers with consultation about your digital marketing efforts, and will teach you how to run and measure your ads effectively.