Restaurant iPad POS Systems

The industry-leading restaurant pos systems.

Built for full service, quick service, Juice bars, and cafes.

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Manage your entire business in one place.

No matter how crazy your day gets, your restaurant pos systems will always keep you in control and help your staff stay efficient.

  • Custom floor plans
  • Multiple menu and modifier management
  • Timed events
  • Workflow and printer management
  • Staff management


Work offline, just like you do online.

Internet or no Internet, it's business as usual for a smooth shift from start to finish with our restaurant pos systems.

  • Uninterrupted service with iPad POS
  • Fully-featured offline mode
  • Automatic syncs and backups


Faster turnaround with tableside ordering.

Whether customers are at a table, bar or on the terrace, always offer them on-the-spot service.

  • Assign orders to seats or tables directly from POS.
  • Send orders to the kitchen or bar and fire courses as needed from Lightspeed point of sale.
  • Manage takeout and delivery orders from your restaurant pos systems,
  • Split or group bills and transfer items
  • Divide items between customers
  • Preset modifiers to speed up order-taking

A POS that scales with your business


Run reports from anywhere.

Run reports from anywhere.

Run reports from anywhere.

With Lightspeed iPad POS, get unrestricted access to all your data and reports via iPad, mobile phone or desktop computer.


Customer data

Run reports from anywhere.

Run reports from anywhere.

Now you can check one platform for information on every returning customer, per location, and offer the kind of personal service that will drive loyalty with Lightspeed restaurant pos systems.


Cloud-based POS

Run reports from anywhere.

Cloud-based POS

With a cloud-based iPad POS, your restaurant pos systems business is always with you — even as you leave the restaurant. Enjoy the freedom of going everywhere you need to be while keeping an eye on your establishment.